About Me

thyrfing-zwartwitI’m Joe or Joey. I’m 20 years old, and was born and raised in an Amsterdam suburb. I’m a History and Honors student at the University of Amsterdam.

This blog will mostly be focusing on topics within my field of interest, mostly music (specifically: metal, punk, emo and post-rock), alternative subcultures, society and (social) history. Within the field of history, I’m mostly interested in modern Western history, post-colonial history, Ancient Celtic and Germanic history, and Polynesian history. Aside from my History major, I’m taking programming classes, as I’m aspiring to a career in the Digital Humanities.

I also have a passion for (socio)linguistics and languages. My native language is Dutch, and I’m also a proficient speaker of English, Afrikaans and German. I’m in possession of two Cambridge certificates in the English language: FCE (First Certificate in English) and CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) (both passed with Grade A). Furthermore, I speak a bit of French and possess some knowledge of Spanish, Hindi-Urdu and several North Germanic languages.

As I mentioned, I’m very interested in alternative subcultures (or countercultures) and their histories. Unsurprisingly, this will be one of the core themes of this blog. I will attempt to expand my horizons a bit by exploring the manifestations of these subcultures in non-Western societies as well. I will try to provide a balanced view and paint as full a picture I can of the topics I discuss on this blog. However, as a historian, I am well aware that it’s inevitable for me to remain neutral at all times, so from time to time my personal biases will shine through.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog!


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