About Me

thyrfing-zwartwitMy name is Joe. I am 19 years old, and I was born and raised in an Amsterdam suburb to parents of mixed European and South Asian descent. I studied Earth & Economics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam for one year, before switching to History at the University of Amsterdam, with which I’ll be commencing in September. I’m very passionate about writing, history (especially pre-Christian and modern European history), politics, science, philosophy and music (especially punk and black metal). I will be using this blog to state (and defend) my opinions on various topics, to evolve my writing skills, and to actively engage with topics within my field of interest. I will mainly be writing about music, politics and (counter)culture, emphasizing topics that constitute an intersection of these three subjects.

I’m also rather fond of languages. My native language is Dutch, and I’m a proficient speaker of English and German. I’m in possession of two Cambridge certificates in the English language: FCE (First Certificate in English) and CAE (Certificate in Advanced English), on both of which I scored Grade A. I’m also fluent in French and Afrikaans to a certain extent, and possess some knowledge of Spanish, Hindi-Urdu and several North Germanic languages.

As far as politics is concerned, I consider myself to be left-wing, often leaning towards (social) anarchism, although I do not have one fixed alignment. I consider LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights, countering poverty and homelessness, freedom of conscience, secularism, immigrant rights, proper reception of refugees, and ending police brutality and institutional racism to be very important. I’m also in favor of drug policy reforms. I don’t believe monarchy has a place in the twenty-first century.

I’m strongly interested in countercultures and the history thereof. Writing on this blog, I will especially put the emphasis on the subcultures that have arisen amongst the fans of heavy and extreme musical genres, such as black metal and hardcore punk, and the evolutions certain cultures have been experiencing over the years.

I hope you will enjoy my blog!

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